Parsing Evaluations

Wrighting April

So some people said some stuff about a thing you taught

For the past few weeks, I've been reading and ruminating on course evaluations that we got from this round of our biocomputing working group. Previous post introducing the course is here and my thoughts on writing a good evaluation is here.

We changed the course a lot since last year based on evaluations. The big change is that we added homework, which many students requested. What we wanted to learn is as follows:

So let's take a look at the results.

We moved both too fast and too slow

There's the five-cent tour of our survey results, folks. Overall, we did well this year, in particular since we had some tough circumstances towards the start of the year (two lectures lost due to snow days). I feel positive about our evaluation format, as well. We got the information that we set out to get, and now we know what to work on for next year. I'll definitely be using these evaluation forms again. I don't want to share results publicly, since some are signed, but ping me if you want to talk in more depth about evaluations and results.